What Is Sepia Homeopathy

What Is Sepia Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative medical system rooted in the concept of similar suffering or like-cures-like. This concept explores how the body creates defenses or resistance to illness and disease by having the body use a similar reaction from a different stimulus. Example: Quinine produces symptoms similar to malaria in healthy people, and it is now used to treat malaria. Homeopaths use vigorously diluted herb, mineral and insect extract formulas, called remedies, to provoke symptoms in a healthy body. Homeopathic remedies are based on the principle that herbal remedies retain biological activity after being mixed vigorously, and diluted a number of times.


Aristotle used the name Sepia to describe the internal skeleton of a type of cephalopod known as a cuttlefish. Sepia is the genus of approximately 150 species of cuttlefish. This cephalopod class includes the squid, nautilus and octopus. The Sepia is actually a type of highly intelligent, invertebrate mollusk that ejects a deep-brown ink when confronted or surprised. This allows the cuttlefish to escape.


Sepia homeopathy refers to two different concepts. Sepia as a physical and psychological state and as a remedy. The state of Sepia observes the client from a representational viewpoint, almost as an embodiment of the nature of the Sepia.

State Of Sepia

A person, generally a female, can present characteristics or symptoms of Sepia. These include: high activity levels, a preference to be moving, doing and dancing except when confronted, when they will present themselves as completely still or they will withdraw sharply. They like their personal space to the degree that others may find them anti-social. They are independent by nature and dislike being cornered or obligated by others. They are often obsessive about cleanliness. They are sometimes indifferent to their children and spouses. They are creative, spiritual and intuitive, with a high degree of self-awareness. They are irritable, short tempered, insecure, with a low sex drive and they often feel fatigued. They have difficulty with sympathy. Others find them masculine, cold, hard or difficult. They often feel chilled and are sensitive to missing meals, intercourse, approaching storms, approaching menses and pregnancy.

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Sepia As A Remedy

Sepia, as a homeopathic remedy, refers to a preparation made from the ink of a cuttlefish, usually caught from the Mediterranean Sea, Tasmania or New Zealand. The ink is harvested and dried before being triturated, or ground into a fine powder, with lactose to produce a mother tincture. A tincture is the solution produced by macerating and steeping materials in alcohol.


Sepia homeopathic remedy is frequently used to treat: most symptoms associated with menstrual cycles including premenstrual stress, period pain, sexual intercourse discomfort, fatigue, indigestion, hot flashes, fevers, headaches, the frequent urge to urinate, vaginal discharge, thrush, eye discharge, chill, cold, candida, aching back, gas, varicose veins, sweating, and discolored, itchy skin;


Clients should not self-prescribe homeopathic remedies. Homeopaths are trained in homeopathy and diagnosis. Recommendations of remedies go beyond the scope of this article. People under the care of physicians or those taking prescription medications should inform all practitioners of other medications, drugs, herbs, supplements and nutritional choices to prevent unwelcome interactions.