What Is Sepia Herb

Sepia is a dark ink that is expelled from the cuttlefish. Artists have used it as a paint, and homeopathic practitioners use it for myriad symptoms. The ink is heavily diluted with milk sugar in preparation for alternative medicinal uses.


Sepia is frequently used to treat patients who suffer from depression. It is also suggested for those dealing with apathy, mood swings and lethargy.


Sepia is recommended for women who experience PMS symptoms. It is also advised to treat painful and heavy menstrual periods, and for hot flashes occurring during menopause.

Post Pregnancy

Sepia is used to treat post partum depression, candidiasis and a sagging, or prolapsed uterus. It is also prescribed for women who are afflicted with emotional problems related to sexual matters. Sepia may also help with varicose veins.


Sepia is said to be helpful in treating muscle weakness, a sore back and fatigue. It has shown to be effective for headaches, dizziness and stomach distresses.

Hair Loss, Discolored Skin and Sweats

Sepia is used as a remedy for hair loss. It is also advised for those who sweat heavily, and for those who experience patches of skin discoloration.


Sepia is also used to treat bedwetting in children. It is also suggested for those who spontaneously leak urine after a cough or a sneeze.

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