What Is Homeopathy

Learning about alternative healing methods is popular with many people who seek ways to be healed or heal their loved ones without the use of medication or machines. Taking advantage of nature and all that it offers is one way of learning do that.


Homeopathy is an alternative way of offering medicinal approaches to different types of sicknesses and diseases. During the past 200 years, homeopathy has evolved past the pretense of old-fashioned remedies and folklore medicines. Homeopathy is an ongoing science that has reached the point where medical schools offer degrees of all sorts in this type of healing. Homeopathy looks at an illness in a different way than regular medicine does. It also emphasizes many different methods in treating and preventing illnesses and diseases.

Recreating & Healing

Being individual-specific, homeopathy doesn’t just work with people’s sicknesses. It works in concert with their life, home, emotions and more. Samuel Hahnemann said “Similia Similibus Curentur,” which translates to “Let likes cure likes.” It means using cures for one type of symptom, to re-create that same type of symptom to basically purge it from the body by triggering the body’s healing process.

Folklore Medicine

An example could be that if a person or child were to get some poison into his system, the folklore medicine that would be considered is Ipecac. Ipecac is a natural homeopathic solution that is sold in stores and causes one to vomit from its natural plant ingredients.

Different but Same

Now in the same type of instance, in which vomiting was an issue or a requirement– such as from stomach flu, in which nausea and vomiting was being caused–the same medicine would be prescribed. In these instances, only the approved, pharmacy-prepared doses would be given to help the person in distress, through homeopathic means.

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Treating Ourselves Right

When people take advantage of healing one’s body by the use of re-creating illnesses–using smells, tastes and nature in its purest of forms–it is believed that the body can go into self-healing mode. Our bodies are meant to fight to stay alive, as long as we keep them healthy by eating right, exercising and taking in as little preservatives and medicines as possible. When we fill our bodies with such items, our bodies fight to get rid of the enemy within. We become overweight, sick and tired by mistreating ourselves. But when we need to fix ourselves, it’s good to know there are ways that don’t involve much or most of what got us to the place we no longer want to be. Using homeopathy, we can help make our bodies healthier and happy by going back to nature.

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