What Is Homeopathic Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes inflammation and redness–usually to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. People with rosacea usually experience cyclical flare-ups of the condition. If untreated, the inflammation of rosacea can become permanent. Small blood vessels can become visible on the affected areas, and the nose can become red, swollen and bumpy looking. If you suspect you have rosacea, see your heath care professional for a diagnosis. Several homeopathic methods and treatments may help control rosacea.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, according to professional herbalist Non Shaw. The properties that make aloe so useful in the treatment of burns are the same ones that make it beneficial for the treatment of rosacea. Use the gel from the leaves to apply to the affected areas. If you use bottled aloe gel, make sure there are no other ingredients in the preparation other than aloe. Other substances could irritate the skin and compound the problem.


Rosewater has light astringent properties that may be helpful for rosacea treatment. You can purchase rosewater at health food and herbal stores. Again, make sure the rosewater you purchase has no other ingredients that may irritate skin. Rosewater is also easy and inexpensive to make (see link in References).

Sun and Heat

According to Dee Anna Glaser, M.D., professor of dermatology at St. Louis University School of Medicine, anything that might make your face hot and red should be avoided. Consequently, people with rosacea should avoid alcohol, heat, hot beverages, spicy foods, caffeine, stress and sun exposure. She also advises using a broad-spectrum sun block of at least 15 SPF year round and wearing a broad-brimmed hat with at least a 4-inch brim if you will be in the direct sun. High-intensity workouts are also not recommended. Instead, exercise more often but for shorter periods. Also, stay away from saunas and hot tubs.

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Stay Cool

To keep from getting overheated, drink plenty of iced beverages, chew on ice chips and spray cool water on your face, especially if you are exercising or if it is a hot day. If it is sunny out, be sure to stay in the shade. Use an umbrella, if necessary.

Other Suggestions

Wear loose cotton clothing that will help you stay cool. To de-emphasize any redness due to rosacea, wear clothing in hues of blue, yellow, khaki and beige. If you wear makeup, choose a concealer with a green tone to offset the red of rosacea.