What Is Carbo Vegetabilis Boiron

Carbo vegetabilis is a homeopathic remedy, meaning it is a highly diluted form of vegetable charcoal used to treat the same symptoms it would cause in a healthy person. Boiron is the name of a company that manufactures homeopathic remedies.


Carbo vegetabilis has effectively treated fever, chills, food poisoning, constipation, bronchitis, asthma, fever, ulcers and eczema. It is especially helpful in treatment of the elderly and children recovering from illness.


Physical indicators for Carbo vegetabilis are largely related to intestinal issues, and include indigestion, heartburn gas, and vomiting. Often, a person will also feel sluggish, with cold hands and rattling coughs.


Homeopathic remedies treat emotional, as well as physical, distress. A need for Carbo vegetabilis may display itself as mental slowness, laziness or fear of the dark.


Symptoms may improve upon drinking milk, burping or staying cool. Humidity, fatty foods and coffee will exacerbate the condition.


Consulting a qualified homeopathic physician is highly recommended over self-treatment. Several remedies are usually indicated for a single ailment, and factors like mental stress, environment and case history play a large role in determining which remedy to choose. It can prove difficult to objectively deduce the most appropriate remedy.

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