What Is Barker’S Liniment

Barker’s Liniment, formally known as Barker’s Nerve and Bone Liniment, is a topical liquid medicine applied to the skin to relieve symptoms such as pain and stiffness. According to reprints on Amazon.com of Barker’s ads, this liniment was popular during the late 1800s.


In an excerpt from Mother’s Remedies by T.J. Ritter from KoboBooks.com, Barker’s Nerve and Bone Liniment is a dark-colored liquid sold in a 2-ounce square bottle.


According to KoboBooks.com, Barker’s Liniment is a petroleum-based product that contains thyme oil, turpentine, tar oil and camphor.


KoboBooks.com says Barker’s Liniment was often used as a treatment for everyday bruises and sprains, as well as arthritis and joint pain.


According to “Folk Medicine in Southern Appalachia” by Anthony Cavender from Google Books, Barker’s Nerve and Bone Liniment was a common household remedy in most homes in Southern Appalachia.

Fun Fact

Barker’s Liniment souvenir items, such as ad reprints and comic books, are popular auction items on websites such as iCollector.com and eBay.

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