What Is Arnica Cream Used For

Arnica (Arnica montana) has been the standby for healing soft muscle damage for hundreds of years. Native to Europe, it is said in legends that arnica was first discovered when a herder observed the goats clambering to find the arnica plant after falling or slipping and injuring themselves. Sense the1500’s arnica has been used as the remedy of choice for sprains, bruising and muscle injury as a topical application. Arnica cream is used for healing soft tissue damage in the body.


Arnica cream is used whenever there is damage to soft tissue, such as bruising after a fall or impact, sprains, swelling associated with fractures and muscle damage from strain or overuse. Arnica cream is used primarily for injuries that do not result in open wounds or broken skin because it might irritate the wound. Arnica cream can be used to assist in healing after an injury or strenuous workout. Prolonged use of arnica cream can cause irritation.


Arnica cream contains anti-inflammatory sesquiterpene lactone helanalin, a constituent that affects the regulation of the immune system’s response to injury. The body’s immune system will send blood to the affected area, where it causes swelling and bruising as the body attempts to combat the injury. Arnica cream aids in moving the blood both rapidly to the area and quickly away so that toxins and excess blood and tissue buildup are carried away. This process speeds up the healing process while slowing the bruising and swelling that occur with soft tissue injuries.

Homeopathic Arnica Cream

Homeopathic arnica cream can be used safely with no drug interactions. Homeopathic remedies and creams dilute the plant essence to as much as one part arnica plant substance to one billion parts water. In this highly dilute form arnica creams are safe, while also being effective in treating soft tissue injury.

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Herbal Arnica Cream

Arnica cream in herbal form is significantly stronger than Homeopathic arnica cream. And while still an excellent and often effective treatment for injured skin, additional care should be taken because arnica can cause irritation. Herbal arnica creams are wonderful healing agents and can be made with freshly tinctured arnica plants.


Arnica cream in either herbal or homeopathic form can greatly speed up the healing process after a traumatic tissue-damaging injury. Homeopathic arnica is mild and safe, making it a near essential tool in any parent’s medical box for all the little bumps and bruises of childhood. Herbal arnica cream is also a wonderful healing tool and can be made from fresh wild crafted or garden grown arnica plants. Avoid using arnica on broken skin and discontinue if a rash occurs.