What Is A Natural Homeopathic Remedy For Ticks On Dogs

A adult deer tick.

Humans have been using homeopathic remedies for centuries. Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that seems almost contradictory. It treats patients with a minute amount of what in a larger dose causes the symptoms of the disease that the patients want to treat. Lately, it has gained popularity as a way to treat sick pets. Homeopathic remedies for dogs require only a few drops a day of a preparation that can be given directly to the dog or mixed with drinking water.

How Homeopathy Works for Dogs

Using homeopathy to fight ticks on dogs is a bit different than normal homeopathy. You aren’t treating a symptom in this case; you are trying to stop a parasite. Homeopathy’s goal in this case is to make your dog resistant to ticks. You want your dog to repel ticks.

Homeopathic Tick Treatment

Homeopathic preparations should only be prepared by a homeopath to ensure their potency. One homeopathic remedy for ticks is called De Flea, which should be taken before your dog starts going into an area where it might pick up ticks. Besides fleas, De Flea also acts as a tick repellent and kills ticks on contact within a few minutes. It comes as a spray, shampoo and dip. You can find De Flea at many online pets stores including www.earthanimal.com.

Some Guidelines While Using Homeopathy

If a pet is to have a successful treatment with homeopathy, there are a few guidelines that pet owners should follow. Your dog shouldn’t need a vaccination (including rabies booster shots) while undergoing homeopathic treatment. Use only one homeopathic treatment at a time to avoid negating the effect of one or both.

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Check Your Dog for Ticks

Don’t rely on the homeopathic remedy to do the job alone. Regularly check your dog for ticks after walks in areas where ticks are present. If you see one on your dog, remove it as quickly as possible. Use tweezers to grab the tick close to where it attaches itself to the dog and pull outward without twisting. Once the tick is removed, disinfect the area.

Follow-Up With Vet

While your dog is receiving homeopathic treatment, you should also be taking the dog for regular follow-up visits with your vet to ensure that progress is being made.