What Are The Uses For Ledum & Hypericum

Ledum, or Ledum Palustre, and Hypericum, or Hypericum perforatuma, are used in homeopathic concentrations to treat various issues. Hypericum perforatuma is also known as St. John’s Wort, which in its herbal form is used to treat mild depression, but that is not a remedy for the homeopathic dosage. Do not give prior hypericum prior to surgery, as it may interfere with anesthesia, according to homeopathic practitioner Deborah Olenev. Always consult a physician before using any remedies. Does this Spark an idea?


Hypericum may soothe wound pain when used topically in cream form. It may also be used to ease pain from surgical procedures. Hypericum is also the homeopathic choice for swollen, hard-to-heal wounds. Clean wounds thoroughly before application of hypericum cream.

Nerve Injuries

Use hypericum for injuries involving the nerves, including crushing the toes or fingers, torn nails or problems with the spine or coccyx. This remedy is also recommended by homeopathic practitioners for shooting pains along the nerves.

Muscle Strain

Hypericum is suitable for mildly strained muscles or tendons for its pain-relieving properties. Use the cream form this purpose.


For both humans and animals, homeopathic medicine recommends Ledum for puncture wounds. It offers pain relief, but should not be used in wounds involving lacerations. In those cases, Hypericum is the preferred homeopathic treatment. According to the Homeo Academe, immediately give Ledum for a punctured wound to aid in tetanus prevention. Give Hypericum when tetanus is present from punctures in the hands or soles. Puncture wounds may have serious consequences, so see a doctor immediately.

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Use Hypericum for nerve damage involving hooves, or in cases of laminitis or founder. Ledum is recommended to relieve swollen legs in equines, along with treatment for puncture wounds. If horses step on a rusty nail, apply Ledum to the tongue.


Use hypericum and ledum for either insect stings or animal bites. According to Homoeo Academe, ledum has anti-parasitic effects. Also use ledum for snake bites. If living in rattlesnake country, pack it into a snake bite kit for emergency use.


Apply Hypericum cream to soothe painful hemorrhoids or other pain in the anal area.


Try Ledum if experiencing abscesses or similar collections of pus under the skin. Abscesses can result, in both humans and animals, from foreign bodies trapped in a small wound, so treatment is similar to puncture wounds. Contact a physician if suffering from an abscess.