What Are The Treatments For Psoriasis Of The Scalp

Psoriasis is a condition where the cells of the skin grow at a fast pace. This causes red spots that can become inflamed, itchy and irritated. Scalp psoriasis can range from mild to severe and there are a number of treatment options available.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is a substance that gets put onto the scalp and it helps to remove scales that have formed.


Tar is made from the wood of pine and juniper. It is used in bathwater or directly applied to the scalp to help slow down the growth of the skin cells.


In conventional treatments, chemicals are used to make the remedies. Biologics are made from living organisms and are then injected into the body to treat scalp psoriasis.

Light Therapy

Phototherapy is a type of light therapy used to treat scalp psoriasis. In this process, ultraviolet light is exposed to the skin of the scalp, which slows the growth of the cells.


Topical prescription ointments are also used to treat psoriasis. Some of these include Dovonex, Vectical and Anthralin (See Resources for ointments).


Water and sunlight are also used to treat scalp psoriasis. This can be done in pools, oceans or other bodies of water when the sun is out. The combination of the water and sun helps to soften lesions and dry up plaque from psoriasis.

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