What Are The Treatments For Familial Hemiplegic Migraines

FHM attacks may require going to the hospital.

Familial hemiplegic migraine (FHM) is a type of debilitating migraine that runs in families. Attacks leave the sufferer with head pain and loss of control on one side of the body and possible complications such as seizures.


According to MAGNUM, a national migraine association, powerful painkillers such as ergotamine tartrate, narcotics such as opium and triptans such as sumatriptan are often given by injection because the patient may not be able to swallow.


Preventative medications are to be taken daily to help prevent attacks. These medications can include high blood pressure medication (beta blockers or calcium channel blockers) or anti-seizure drugs.


“Migraines for Dummies” notes that over the counter and prescription migraine medicines often do not kill pain. If an attack starts, call an ambulance immediately.


There is no one test to determine whether an individual is suffering from FHM. “Migraines For Dummies” notes that getting a diagnosis of FHM typically comes faster if it is known that at least two other family members suffer from the illness.

Expert Advice

MAGNUM advises anyone suffering from FHM to wear a bracelet stating this fact, because the individual may not be able to speak during an attack.

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