What Are Some Home Cures For Genital Warts

Genital warts do not have a cure, but there are treatments and remedies that can allow the genital warts to disappear, and decrease the size the warts have the potential to reach. There is medication that a doctor can prescribe to help remove them, but there are also home remedies for those who cannot afford the medication.

Genital Warts

Genital warts are a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease. The disease is spread through direct skin to skin contact during sex of all types, including genital and oral, with an infected partner. The disease and infection are caused by human papillomavirus. The warts appear in clusters, which can be tiny or spread into large masses. The disease can last for months without the infected person having any symptoms, or the symptoms and warts can appear immediately.

Vitamin E Oil

Using vitamin E oil could be a remedy for removing genital warts. The warts may not disappear right then and there, but over time the vitamin oil will cause them to disappear. A person infected with genital warts should apply the vitamin E oil on the infected skin, and apply a little amount of crushed garlic over the genital warts. Within a week or so, the genital wart or warts should begin to fall off.


Juices are home remedies used to remove genital warts. Some of the juices that should be used include apple cider, vinegar or other milky juices. The juices should be combined with onion slices and salt, and should sit overnight before using. The infected person will then take cotton balls and soak them in the juice remedy, and then apply to the infected area. The genital warts will dry up and fall off after a period of time.

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There are some diets that can help those infected with genital warts treat the infection. These diets are often referred to as the General Warts Diet. The diet consists of food that is rich in beta-carotene and folic acid. Some fruits and vegetables that are a part of this diet include mangos, radish, squash and tomatoes that are orange, yellow, and red in color. Some dark green vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and other leafy vegetables may be eaten with this diet.

Applying Heat

Applying heat to the genital warts can be an effective home remedy. To apply the heat, a person should use a hair dryer or the heat from a lamp. Get the heat as close to the infected area as reasonably possible, at least 18 inches away from the genital wart or warts. This should be done several times a day to obtain positive results. The heat should be applied after the genital warts have been cleansed, by squeezing warm water on the genital area. Once the heat is applied, the genital wart will dry up and fall off.