Vinegar Home Remedy For Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are found on the sole of the foot. The human papillomavirus, or HPV, causes plantar warts. Plantar warts have a tendency to spread and are very difficult to get rid of. They also can be very painful, as they tend to develop over pressure points such as the heel of the foot. If you’d like to try a natural home remedy to remove a plantar wart, a vinegar treatment might be a good option.

Apple Cider Vinegar Use

Proponents of using vinegar to get rid of warts recommend apple cider vinegar. As with other types of home remedies, different instructions are given. This is likely because people tend to pass on the method that worked for them personally. For example, some remedies recommend that you rinse the apple cider vinegar off and others do not. Some remedies advocate a simple daily soak, while others call for placing a cotton ball or pad soaked in apple cider vinegar on the wart and holding it there with a bandage for a day or a week. If one method does not work for you, try another.

The simplest method is to soak the foot in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. After soaking, apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to the warts and leave on for another 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the vinegar off with warm water. Repeat daily.

You may also apply apple cider vinegar to plantar warts after a bath or shower. Again, use full-strength vinegar. Apply the vinegar to individual warts or dip your entire foot in vinegar and pat dry. Do not rinse the vinegar off after you use this method.

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You can also use apple cider vinegar with duct tape, another common home remedy for warts of all types. Soak warts in warm water to soften the skin, and apply full-strength apple cider vinegar. Cover the warts with duct tape. Repeat this process and change the duct tape about once a week.

Other Information

Apple cider vinegar will take from several weeks to months to work. If you need faster results, or if the vinegar doesn’t seem to be working, you may need to move on to more conventional remedies. Always consult your doctor before treating plantar warts at home, especially if you have a weak immune system or diabetes.