Uses Of Hepar Sulphur 1000

Hepar sulphur is made with oyster shells.

Hepar sulphur 1000 is used in homeopathic medical treatments. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states there is limited evidence that homeopathy is effective, but since the medications used in its treatments have only miniscule active ingredients, they are usually available over the counter. Hepar sulphur is available over the counter as a liquid or in tablet form. The “1,000” designation refers to milligrams in the tablet form. It is made with the flaky inner layer of oyster shells, which is rich in calcium sulfide.

Skin Conditions

Hepar sulphur is used in a variety of skin conditions, most especially acne treatments for young people. It is also used to treat rashes, insect bites and skin injuries that are abscessed, according to Kathryn Jones M.Ed., DiHom. The compound is also utilized for treating related ailments, such as styes in the eyes or earaches, even though they are not skin-specific disorders. Homeopathic practitioners say it is particularly helpful in injuries or infections where an ooze or pus is present.

Colds and Allergies

Homeopathic practitioners use hepar sulphur to treat a variety of respiratory ailments, including colds, coughs and sore throats. It is reputed to be especially helpful in the latter stages of stuffy colds. People also use it for the relief of hay fever symptoms and for the relief of sweating, particularly night sweats, according to Dr, Jones.

Mental Conditions

Homeopathists have observed that hepar sulphur relieves people who act irrationally, according to the website Most homeopathic practitioners use it to help treat hypersensitivity and irritability. Some forms of depression, such as extreme emotional reactions, are said to be relieved with the use of hepar sulphur.

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