Uses Of Boiron Histaminum

Histaminum (histamine hydrochloricum) is a homeopathic remedy produced by the company Boiron, among other companies. Homeopathic medicine relies on the “law of infinitesimals,” which says that the smallest dose of an irritating substance can be its antidote. Since Histaminum can be an irritant that creates an itching sensation, as a homeopathic remedy its use is to create an anti-itching effect.


The main purpose for using Histaminum is for allergy relief. In fact, Boiron’s own website lists “allergies” as the only use for histamine hydrochloricum. The typical dose to treat allergies, according to the manufacturer, is five pellets at a time, three times a day.


Since Histaminum is actually a substance that creates itching, in the homeopathic model, the substance could be used to combat itchiness, whether it is associated with allergies or not. While this medicine could in theory be used to treat any kind of itchiness, homeopathic medicine is best administered through a health care professional like a naturopath or homeopath.

Nasal Spray

While not made by Boiron, another use for histamine hydrochloricum is in nasal spray. While not directly following the principles of “one remedy” that is followed in homeopathic medicine, some natural nasal spray companies do use histamine hydrochloricum in their nasal sprays to address the itchy sensations that go along with nasal irritation.

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