Use Traumeel

Traumeel is a trademarked homeopathic gel that is used to treat sports injuries such as minor sprains and muscle soreness. Traumeel consists of 14 different herbs, including arnica Montana, calendula, chamomile and Echinacea in homeopathic doses. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was a German physician who founded homeopathy, using microdoses extracted from plants, herbs and other substances to create pellets that are dissolved in the mouth or applied as a topical cream to the skin.


1. Ice the area if you have an ankle sprain or a strain where there is visible swelling around the joint. Do not place ice directly on the skin; place the ice in a plastic bag and wrap that in a clean cloth.

2. Elevate the the body part that is injured. For example, set the foot on a chair or the hand on a pillow on your lap.

3. Apply a generous amount of Traumeel around the injury. For example, slather it completely around a swollen ankle or around a bruised knee.

4. Wrap the injured area with plastic wrap or a clean Ace bandage. This is to contain swelling. During the first 24 hours, keep an injury that is swollen lightly elevated and compressed.

5. Reapply Traumeel up to three times a day. Change any damp Ace bandages with a clean, dry one.

6. Take Traumeel homeopathic pellets under the tongue as an alternative but not in addition to applying Traumeel to your skin. Select one, not both methods, unless your doctor or homeopath directs you to do so.

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