Use Silica Homeopathic Tincture

Silica homeopathic remedy may be useful if you have recurring colds, flus or ear infections that hint at a weakened immune system. Silica is also appropriate if you feel you lack physical or emotional strength. It will also help remove irritating items from the body, such as splinters.

Silica was originally ground from common rocks including quartz and sandstone, and contains silicon dioxide.Today, silica is generally manufactured in a lab.


1. Determine if your immune system is weakened. If you have chronic colds, flus and other illnesses, this may mean you need to rebuild your immunity.

2. Assess if you fit the “silica personality.” Homeopathic remedies are recommended based on physical and emotional symptoms, and there are also profiles of common traits. The silica personality complains of frequent exhaustion and not having physical stamina. She may feel coldness very intensely and may obsess over small details. She may fear failure and have a tendency towards shyness.

3. Obtain silica homeopathic remedy at a health store, online or a pharmacy (see Resources below). You can buy any homeopathic remedy as an alcohol-based tincture or as sweetened pellets. Take either the tincture or the pellets under the tongue and allow to dissolve.

4. Avoid mint products such as mint-flavored gum or toothpaste. Avoid coffee or caffeine, as this will also prevent the homeopathic remedy from taking hold. This includes using health and beauty products such as a mint-scented shampoos and hair conditioners, facial masks or hand lotions.

5. Keep a journal to record how you feel. Note the dosage and what remedy you are taking. Start with the lowest suggested dosage. Note how you feel over the course of about a week. If you believe your symptoms are not improving or worsening, see a licensed homeopath or your physician.

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