Use Sepia To Treat A Hormonal Imbalance

Use Sepia to Treat a Hormonal Imbalance

Sepia is a homeopathic remedy made from successive dilutions of squid ink. It’s commonly used to treat hormonal imbalances, including those linked to menstrual cycles. Symptoms of hormone imbalances vary greatly, depending on which areas of the body are affected. Metabolic testing, which is normally done in a medical clinic, can determine the presence, type and severity of hormonal imbalances. Patients in need of sepia often display anti-social behaviors, which may include a short temper, depression and social aversion. The Food and Drug Administration establishes quality and safety guidelines for homeopathic remedies. Sepia may be purchased online and over-the-counter at many health food stores, supplement shops and pharmacies.


Using sepia

1. Consult a licensed homeopathic physician to confirm that sepia is an ideal option for your condition.

2. Purchase sepia from a local store, via prescription, or from an online retailer.

3. Use as directed by the drug label or by a healthcare professional. Tell your doctor about any changes in symptoms.

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