Use Psorinum Homeopathic Remedy

If you suffer from hay fever every year and also have a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema that worsens in heated rooms and improves in the open air, Psorinum homeopathic remedy might help you find relief. Learn more about Psorinum to see if it can help you with your symptoms.


1. Determine if you have the symptoms of psoriasis or eczema. The former is one of extreme dryness and itchiness. The latter is characterized by small or larger welts that may “weep.” Heat makes these conditions worsen.

2. Assess other symptoms that respond well to taking Psorinum such as acne, boils, asthma or hay fever. Psorinum was a homeopathic remedy that was refined by Samuel Hahnemann and it is cultured from scabies. Dr. Hahnemann believed that if a person with scabies was treated and his scabies were reduced or eliminated, there could still be underlying health problems. This notion of a foundational illness was called a “psora.”

3. Note if you have irritable bowel syndrome or diverticulosis. Both are gastrointestinal disorders that are best diagnosed by a physician. An integrative doctor might recommend using Psorinum for these conditions.

“People with a skin problem, dry hair, and offensive odor, especially perspiration,” may find relief with Psorinum, says Dr. Randy Martin, CCH, OMD, a certified classical homeopath and doctor of Oriental medicine in West Los Angeles, California.

“These people may report ‘never feeling well’ since a particular illness and they may also have psoriasis and eczema,” Dr. Martin says. These people may also be sensitive to sunlight and be indecisive, making it difficult for them to succeed in work environments.

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Every homeopathic remedy has a kind of “personality profile” that consists of traits that are positively affected by that particular remedy.

4. Select either the tincture or pellets and consume as directed by the product’s labeling. (Every homeopathic remedy is available in different strengths and the dosage will vary accordingly.) Do not consume coffee or mint products, as these items work as an antidote to homeopathic remedies.