Use Phendimetrazine Diet Pills

Use Phendimetrazine Diet Pills

Phendimetrazine diet pills are appetite suppressant pills also known by their brand name, Bontril. This is a popular appetite suppressant that is prescribed by doctors to help their overweight and obese patients who have other concerns, such as high blood pressure, that can interfere with other diet pill regimens. Of course, whether or not you have other conditions that affect your ability to take any other diet pills, proper use of phendimetrazine diet pills is the key to effective weight loss.


1. Take phendimetrazine in the morning at least 10 to 14 hours before bed time. These diet pills are strong stimulants and can interfere with your normal sleeping patterns, especially if taken close to the time you need to sleep.

2. Swallow phendimetrazine diet pills whole. The chemical mechanism that allows the diet pills to be slowly released into the body over the course of the day is broken down if you crush, dissolve or chew the pills before swallowing them.

3. Take individual doses about an hour before you plan to eat if you are taking phendimetrazine diet pills that are not extended release tablets. They should be taken on an empty stomach before each meal, two to three times daily. The last dose should not be taken less than six hours before bed.

4. Save the driving and operating of heavy machinery for another time. You should not be participating in any kind of dangerous activity right after taking phendimetrazine.

5. Alter your regular diet and exercise program. No matter what diet pills you decide to use, the only way to keep the weight off after you stop taking phendimetrazine is to commit to a full lifestyle change that involves a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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6. Gradually reduce your dosages with your doctor’s guidance when you decide to stop taking phendimetrazine. Suddenly stopping your regular dosage may lead you to experience serious and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

7. Drink plenty of water with each dose of phendimetrazine. Adequate amounts of water is important to any diet, but the stimulants in phendimetrazine diet pills can lead to dehydration, which is counterproductive to any weight loss program, never mind a healthy body.

8. Ask your doctor to prescribe some other diet pills if you have used guanethidine, Ismelin or any kind of MAOIs or tricyclic antidepressants within the past 14 days.