Use Ovulex

Ovulex can help support conception of a baby.

Ovulex offers a two-fold approach to helping a woman get pregnant. It is formulated with herbs that support conception, and it also includes a software program that calculates a woman’s most fertile times. When used together, these two tools increase the chances of conceiving a baby as soon as possible after a woman decides she wants to get pregnant and starts her efforts to have one.


1. Visit your gynecologist to make sure you don’t have any medical barriers to becoming pregnant. Ovulex helps create the right conditions for conception to take place, but the Ovulex website says that it is not meant to treat medical conditions like infertility and the Malpani Infertility Clinic warns that there are no independent clinic trials to prove its effectiveness. It is an herbal formulation that can only work if you are physically able to become pregnant.

2. Ask your gynecologist whether there is any reason why the ingredients in Ovulex might be harmful to you. The pills contain red raspberry leaf, red clover blossoms, black cohosh, chaste tree berry, ginseng, dong quai and licorice root. These herbs support fertility, and some can also have an effect on your estrogen levels. You doctor can warn you of any potential negative effects or interactions with medications you are currently taking.

3. Take two Ovulex capsules each day, split into two doses. One capsule should be taken in the morning, and the other should be taken before going to bed at night. You can purchase a standard 60 pill bottle, which will last you for a month. Make sure you take your Ovulex pills every day without missing them.

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4. Calculate your most fertile periods by using the Ovulex software program. When you enter the required information, it will tell you the best times that you should try to conceive. Enlist your partner to focus your efforts during these time periods.

5. Use Ovulex for several months if you do not conceive during the first month of use. Many factors can play into your ability to conceive a baby, and it can take some time even when you’re taking a supplement and tracking your fertile times. Don’t give up prematurely.