Use Nux Vomica Homeopathic Remedy For Stomach Upset

Moving into the holidays can be both a blessing and a curse if it means that you may overeat, enjoy the indulgence and later regret it.Let homeopathy come to the rescue: practiced since the late ninteeth century throughout Europe, this adjunct therapy provides remedies extracted from plants, flowers and in some cases, animals.Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was a German physician who wrote the bible to homeopathy, “Organon of Therapeutics,” in 1810. A 1921 revised version is still being used by licensed homeopaths worldwide.Based on the Law of Similars that states, “like cures like,” homeopathy relies on these tinctures or pellets of highly diluted elements that is said to help prompt the body to stimulate its own immune system to effectively heal itself.Nux vomica is one useful remedy if you fear you may overeat at Thanksgiving or in a room full of relatives and friends you see only once a year. Learn pack this remedy to best effect.


1. Determine what exactly you are feeling. Do you know without a doubt that the upset stomach you feel is from having one too many slices of turkey, and three too many servings of stuffing, and that extra slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream? Indigestion and even a slight nausea are common symptoms that people use Nux Vomica to relieve.

2. Use the alcohol-based tincture if you can tolerate alcohol. For those who cannot or who choose to not consume any alcohol products, select homeopathic pellets. Both formulations are taken under the tongue for quick absorption into the bloodstream.

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3. Observe how you feel within a few to several hours later. Naturally, do not continue to consume heavy foods or drink any alcohol or coffee. Doing any of these things will not allow the homeopathic remedy to work.

4. Abstain from using products containing mint products or consuming mint foods. Avoid toothpaste or mouthwash that has any mint ingredients. Like coffee, any kind of mint will become an instant antidote to any homeopathic remedy you use. Mints include peppermint, spearmint or hybrids. This means also avoiding chewing gum and mint candies.

5. See if you fit the general “personality type” that responds well to using Nux Vomica. Individuals who are Type A but also tend towards irritability and may have a short fuse or a tendency towards overindulgence generally, have good results with Nux Vomica. If you tend to be very sensitive to sunlight, sounds and odors when you are agitated, Nux Vomica may be appropriate for you.