Use Natural Treatment To Cure Heat Rash

heat rash

If you have itchy red bumps in an area that has been hot or damp it is probably heat rash. Your body sweats as a natural way to cool down. But, when fabric or a diaper traps sweat, heat rash can occur. Try the natural heat rash treatment below to relieve the itchy bumps.


1. Remove any clothing from the area of the heat rash. If you must cover the rash, choose a natural fiber will breath, such as cotton. It is important to get as much air to the heat rash as possible.

2. Cool down the heat rash. You can take a cool bath or use a cool compress. This will stop the sweating and relieve the itching and swelling. Adding oatmeal, cornstarch or baking soda to bath water will sooth the itch. This is a time tested, natural treatment for heat rash.

3. If the heat rash isn’t blistering, rub on some aloe vera or calamine lotion. Both are great for soothing heat rash. Aloe vera will help to heal the skin. Calamine lotion is good a treatment for reducing itch. If the heat rash is blistering, it isn’t advisable to treat the skin with lotions until the sores have healed.

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