Use Natural Remedies To Ease Teething Pain

We all want our babies to be comfortable and happy. It can be difficult to accomplish this when baby is teething. Over-the-counter pain relievers can leave baby groggy and grumpy. There are natural ways to ease teething pain and help baby feel better without the unwanted side effects. Discover new and traditional ways of easing teething discomfort in your baby and toddler.


1. Use an amber teething necklace. Amber has a special property in its oils that, when heated through skin exposure, acts as a natural pain reliever much like over-the-counter children’s pain medications. When baby wears these short, safe necklaces, his skin soaks up the analgesic and soothes his aching gums. Baby does not chew on the necklace.

2. Dissolve homeopathic teething tablets in baby’s mouth or a small bit of water to give to baby. You can find these tablets in your local grocery store. The tablets naturally ease teething pain and allow baby to rest if pain has been keeping her awake.

3. Freeze a washcloth. Dampen a washcloth slightly and allow to cool in the freezer for about fifteen minutes. The cloth will feel both cold and soft to baby. This is a perfect combination for teething relief. Let baby suck the water out of the washcloth as it thaws.

4. Use a chewing ring. These water-filled rings are just right for older babies to grasp and suck on. Place two in the freezer so that you always have one ready when teething pain strikes.

5. Freeze some fruit to give baby when he is hungry. Grapes, bananas, peaches and watermelon are great frozen teething fruits. Place these treats in your mesh baby feeder and let baby chew to her heart’s content. She’ll be able to get the nourishment she needs and relieve her discomfort at the same time.

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