Use Natural Remedies For Fungal Infections

There are actually many different types of fungal infections that need to be treated, such as yeast infections and athlete’s foot, and there are also many ways to treat those infections. There are prescription remedies that can be obtained through a physician, or there are natural remedies, which can be used by anyone. Here are some natural remedy ideas for fungal infections.


1. Decide which type of natural remedies for the fungal infection you want to use. Two very useful suggestions for natural remedies that will be explained include nutrition and vitamin supplements and using some types of topical treatments on the fungal infection itself.

2. To bolster the immune system, consider taking vitamin and nutrition supplements. For example, taking Vitamins A, C, and E on a regular basis throughout the duration of your fungal infection or anytime will increase the efficacy of your immune system as well as aid the health and appearance of your skin. A few other supplements that one should consider taking is garlic supplements, myrhh, black walnut and oil of oregano. All of these herbal supplements should be consumed daily to help fight off the fungal infection.

3. There are also topical treatments that one can use to fight off a fungal infection. If a topical treatment is desired, there are plenty of topical creams and mixtures that one can make on his or her own to get rid of the infection. For example, there are whey treatments, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and garlic treatments as well.

4. To apply a Whey topical treatment: soak a cotton cloth in a liquid Whey mixture and apply it to the infected area. This treatment can be used any time of the day and can even be used while sleeping.

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5. To apply an aloe vera treatment: carefully rub aloe vera on the infected fungal area. Not only does aloe vera help to cool the skin, but it also has excellent anti-parasitic properties that should be used to fight off the infection.

6. To apply a tea tree oil treatment: add about 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil to a small cup of water. Dip some sort of cotton, absorbent material into the mixture and apply to the fungal infection.

7. To apply a garlic treatment: rubbing raw garlic on the infected area will help the infected area greatly, especially if it is a yeast infection. Raw garlic has anti-fungal properties and will help speed up the recovery from the fungal infection.