Use Homeopathy To Treat Cellulitis

Homeopathy is an alternative medical treatment that operates on the belief that particular diseases can be managed by the application of minute dosages of drugs which produce symptoms of the disease in healthy persons. Many seek out experienced homeopaths when suffering from cellulitis. The homeopath assesses the person’s condition and recommends a treatment designed to cure the infection. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Consult an experienced homeopath regarding your case. The homeopath should examine you and consider your entire being–physical body, mind, and emotional makeup–before recommending a specific treatment. Look to the National Center for Homeopathy at their official Web site for help in locating a qualified practitioner (see Resources below).

2. Give a full medical history to the homeopath. It is important to disclose fully past medical issues and treatments you have received, including homeopathic therapies.

3. Answer all questions posed by the homeopath including those concerning your emotional and mental state. The homeopathic physician considers these factors as well as physical ones in designing a specific treatment for each individual. Your course of homeopathic treatment may differ from that of another patient.

4. Use homeopathic treatments along with a conventional regimen of antibiotics prescribed by a physician when treating cellulitis. Almost all physicians recommend antibiotics as the main treatment for curing cellulitis. Any homeopathic treatment employed should not interfere with antibiotic therapy.

5. Discuss with your homeopath professional treatments such as sulphur to counteract warm burning skin and apis mellifica for swelling. Some homeopaths treat cellulitis with these particular substances, but they should only be used under the homeopath’s guidance.

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6. Discontinue homeopathic treatments if the appearance of cellulitis or its symptoms worsen. Consult with your homeopath if you wish to try another homepathic therapy. Seek emergency medical attention if you develop a fever or chills while suffering from cellulitis.

7. Treat with homeopathic methods only under the strict directives of an experienced homeopath. Despite the fact that homeopathic therapies consist of minute amounts of medicine, they still can be detrimental to your cellulitis condition as well as other medical conditions.