Use Homeopathy For Anorexia

Use Homeopathy for Anorexia

Homeopathy is the practice of bringing the body’s systems into balance through the administration of small dosages of medicinal treatments and other naturally occurring substances. There are doctors of homeopathy who may prescribe the use of this approach in the treatment of anorexia.


Treat the Symptoms of Anorexia With Homeopathy

1. Consult with your homeopathic physician before pursuing a course of homeopathic drugs to treat the symptoms of anorexia. Since each body experiences this disease in a different way, an individualized course of treatment must be designed for each.

2. Find that you may be prescribed Lycopodium as part of your treatment by homeopathy. This compound is designed to reduce pain and bloating in the stomach that may occur in patients with anorexia as they begin to eat a more healthy and well-balanced diet after a long period of starvation.

3. Talk to your homeopathy specialist about the use of Nux vomica for treating feelings of nausea and indigestion. In addition to Lycopodium, this compound is commonly prescribed to treat the stomach problems that often arise when a patient with anorexia resumes a healthy diet.

4. Ask your doctor about the use of probiotic substances in homeopathy which may aid in digestion. These may include acidophilus for constipation and bifidus, which is used to treat indigestion and general upset stomach.

5. Ask your homeopathic doctor about prescribing Natrum muriaticum to help improve your mood as you are being treated for anorexia. Other compounds that elevate the mood or combat depression may also be prescribed, as depression is one of the most common symptoms of anorexia.

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6. Bring additional balance to your mood by asking your doctor of homeopathy about the use of Pulsatilla to treat those who suffer from mood swings.

7. Ask your doctor about supplements to maintain your health as you recover from anorexia. Among those frequently prescribed are chromium, magnesium and vitamin B.