Use Home Remedies To Control Diabetes

Keep Your Diabetes Under Control With Home Remedies

Controlling diabetes is very important. There are lots of prescription drugs out there to keep your diabetes under control and you should never substitute natural or home remedies for diabetes medications. However, you can use natural or home remedies right along with your prescription medication to help control your diabetes.


1. Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon to your food or drink. You can also buy cinnamon capsules from any drug store or vitamin store and use them instead. Be careful of what type of cinnamon you use. Some grocery store cinnamon contains a compound called coumarone and can be toxic to your liver if used regularly. This type of cinnamon can also interact with blood thinner medications so if you are on a blood thinner, consult your doctor before using cinnamon. Cinnamon in capsule form is usually the safest way to use this home remedy and keep your diabetes under control.

2. Drink apple cider vinegar while eating white bread or add vinegar and cinnamon to your diet. This not only lowers your blood sugar and but keeps you feeling full for up to two hours.

3. Drink a cup of oolong tea with a meal. Oolong tea is an acquired taste, but by drinking six cups a day, it can help lower your blood sugar. Oolong tea is made from a fermented leaf and is in between green tea and black tea.

4. Choose which herbs and supplements are right for you. Some to consider trying are Chinese herbal formulas, bitter melon, chromium, fenugreek, gymnema sylvestra, nopal and stevia. These herbs and supplements cannot replace your diabetes medications but they can help keep your blood sugar under control. It is very important to remember that if you choose to use Chinese herbs you will need two doctors, your regular doctor and a Chinese specialist.

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