Use Herbs To Treat Colic

Use Herbs to Treat Colic

Colic can be a trying experience for a newborn infant and his mother, since it deprives both of sleep and causes seemingly endless bouts of crying, which can begin in the afternoon and continue well into the night. One of the most frustrating things about colic is that conventional medicine has yet to tackle this problem. That might be a good thing, since strong medicines should be off-limits to newborns in the first place. Many mothers look to alternative medicine and herbs to solve problems with colic. While herbs may have a more subtle effect than prescribed medication, many women have seen a marked improvement in their children’s colic symptoms after using herbal remedies.


1. Learn more about colic. While conventional sources may seem puzzled about colic, most agree that it is caused by intestinal spasms. Many doctors advise women to “wait it out” until colic ends at around four months. However, herbs can be used to ease these spasms.

2. Make a tea from chamomile, vervain, licorice, fennel and lemon balm. It is better to make this tea at home rather than buying it, since there may be additional unwanted ingredients if purchased from a store. Give up to 150 ml of this solution to the baby during colic episodes at a maximum of three times a day.

3. Give hyssop boiled in a cup of water. This herb calms spasms and can be given in a bottle to the baby.

4. Put a tablespoon of caraway seed in 8 ounces of just-boiled water. Steep the solution for 10 minutes and give it to the baby in teaspoons just before or after feedings.

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5. Try cinnamon and peppermint, although make sure the peppermint tea is not too strong because a very potent flavor may cause gagging.