Use Herbs To Cure Morning Sickness

Use Herbs to Cure Morning Sickness

Although no advice will beat the advice from your doctor or midwife, some herbal and homeopathic remedies are very effective at combating the morning sickness blues.


1. Check with your midwife or doctor before taking any herbal combinations. Inform your doctors of herbs you take so they can monitor the fetus. Your doctor or midwife should be able to advise you about suitable amounts to take during pregnancy.

2. Adjust your diet. Stick with small, bland meals and clear fluids. Keep some light crackers nearby to munch on – an empty stomach increases nausea.

3. Drink red raspberry tea. This tea will help alleviate nausea and will help strengthen the uterus for delivery. This herb is safe to use throughout pregnancy and can be found in most local grocery store chains.

4. Increase your vitamin B intake. Vitamin B-6 supplements have been shown to decrease the intensity of nausea and can be found in most drugstores.

5. Talk to an herbalist about using some herbal mixtures. Wild yam, alfalfa, ginger, sage and chamomile are some herbs that can be mixed in tea to help relieve morning sickness. Ginger can be dangerous in high doses, so be sure to get reliable advice about suitable amounts for pregnancy.

6. Take a homeopathic approach. Ipecac, sepia and phosphorus 6c are a few supplements you can add to your diet to decrease nausea. Consult a professional homeopath for safe doses during pregnancy.

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