Use Ginger For Morning Sickness

Use Ginger for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness refers to the nausea and vomiting many women suffer during the first few weeks of pregnancy. It is often one of the first signs that prompt a woman to consult her doctor. A variety of herbal treatments and home remedies have been used to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness. Ingesting ginger in various forms is a popular remedy.


1. Talk to your doctor or other health-care professional before taking ginger or any other herbal remedy during your pregnancy. Some health-care professionals believe that too little medical research has been done on the effects of ginger in pregnant women to safely recommend it. Some medical studies suggest that ginger may cause blood clotting or interfere with regular blood flow to the fetus. However, no definite medical evidence exists.

2. Consult your doctor about the recommended dosage of ginger for a woman of your weight and height. Your doctor may recommend more or less than the amount that is considered an adult dosage.

3. Drink ginger tea to reduce nausea. Generally, ginger tea is likely to be approved for use by your doctor as long as the ginger is fresh and lacks additives and artificial chemicals. Organic ginger is sold at most health food and all-natural grocery stores.

4. Eat powdered ginger for severe cases of morning sickness. Some women find that eating ginger powder in its pure form, with only a glass of water to wash it down, is the quickest and most effective way to treat extreme nausea. Only 1 or 2 tsp. of ginger powder should be necessary.

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5. Try using ginger tablets or capsules if you find powdered ginger to be too extreme to ingest while you’re feeling nauseous. Crystallized ginger is also a nice alternative to powdered ginger, ginger tea or ginger tablets. It tends to be sweeter than the other forms. Crystallized ginger is sold at most health food stores and is generally considered safe for use by pregnant women.