Use Garlic As A Cure For Jet Lag

Garlic has been used as a homeopathic remedy for thousands of years.

Garlic is a common household herb, used in a variety of recipes as well as in many homeopathic remedies. Native to the Mediterranean but now ubiquitous across the globe, garlic is known for its pungent odor and sweet, acrid taste. As an herbal medicine, garlic is touted for its ability to strengthen the immune system and as a sleep aid. The latter use also makes garlic a common ingredient in jet lag remedies, which often include an inability to sleep.


Milk and Garlic

1. Crush one garlic clove or chop it as thinly as possible.

2. Mix with 1/2 cup water and one cup milk in a small saucepan.

3. Heat on medium and boil until one cup of the mixture is left. Be careful not to burn or overcook.

4. Consume within an hour of your flight. This is only one dose, so you may duplicate as needed.

Ginger and Garlic

5. Put eight cups of water into a pan on the stove to boil. Crush or chop eight garlic cloves while waiting.

6. Place eight ginger tea bags into a thermos. Pour the hot water over the tea bags, allowing the tea to steep for at least five minutes.

7. Remove the ginger tea bags and add the garlic to the ginger tea. Mix well by securing and replacing the cap, and then shake the thermos.

8. Consume one cup of the mixture twice a day, starting two days before you leave and finishing the day after you arrive.

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