Use Cell Salts

According to Stephen Byrnes, N.D, Ph.D., “Cell salts are homeopathic preparations of certain mineral compounds which are found living in all things.” Discovered by Dr. William Schuessler, cell salts are believed to help cure ailments without the need for traditional, Western medicine. The idea that cell salts help the body’s individual cells process minerals at a quicker rate, therefore healing people faster, has not been medically proven.


1. Purchase the appropriate cell salt for your ailment. Particular cells salts are believed to heal particular illnesses. For example, silicea is believed to help heal sores, paralysis and loss of appetite. Cell salts come in pill, powder and liquid form.

2. Take the appropriate dosage for your ailment. Dosage charts should be printed on the cell-salt container labels. Common dosage directions for acute illnesses include placing one pill on the tongue over 15 minutes. Let the pill dissolve or suck on it, but do not chew. For chronic illnesses, take six to 10 pills a day, throughout the day. Take one pill at a time, but do not chew the pill.

3. Drink plenty of water while taking cell salts. However, do not drink mineral water. If you are mixing cell-salt powder with water, stir with a plastic spoon, as metal spoons can interact with the cell salts making them less effective.

4. Continue to take the cell salts until your aliment is cured.

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