Use Arnica

Arnica plant.

Arnica is an herb, commonly called leopard’s bane. It grows in Central Europe and has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries. It has a bright yellow flower, and if this flower is eaten, it is toxic. Arnica plants are picked and then processed to make tinctures, oils, gels, sprays and creams.


1. Use arnica to help with arthritis or other types of inflammation. It can also be used to help with sprained muscles, bruises and varicose ulcers. Arnica has a warming capability, and when applied to the skin, you will feel a warming sensation, which can help with the pain of sprains, bruises and arthritis.

2. Apply arnica prior to athletic events. The nice thing about arnica is that if you apply it before you are going to be giving your muscles a workout, it can prevent your muscles from getting stiff if you overwork them.

3. Use arnica to treat burns, including sunburns. Because of its pain-killing and inflammation-reducing properties, arnica is also good for treating burns.

4. Apply arnica to insect bites. Because arnica has both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities, it is good to apply to insect bites to help the swelling go down. Just remember to tell children not to scratch because arnica cannot be applied to broken skin or open sores, since it is toxic if taken internally.

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