Use Ametrine Energy


Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine and has metaphysical properties of both. Ametrine helps to dispel negativity and fill one with pure white light energy. Ametrine also helps us attain spirituality faster. It helps us reach a meditative state faster and helps to expand your consciousness during meditation. Amethyst (purple) helps you visualize and the citrine (gold) helps to manifest your vision into the physical. Read on to learn harness these powers. Does this Spark an idea?


Use Ametrine Energy

1. Ametrine is a stone of magic. If you are working on astral travel, it will help and protect you while you travel. Place one in each hand, and one on your solar plexus.

2. Use ametrine with sage to cleanse a space that has become filled with tension and negativity. Place ametrine at the corners of the room, sage the room, then let it sit overnight.

3. Are you a counselor of some sort? Place an ametrine in your medicine pouch or on your desk to keep your surroundings centered and calm.

4. Ametrine is a powerful gazing stone for meditation on goals and manifestation.

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