Types Of Hcg

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a type of hormone that is released during pregnancy. Its main purpose is for the development of the embryo. Due to its ability to program the hypothalamus, it is widely used by dieters and those with hormonal problems. HCG contributes to the removal of excessive adipose fats in the body for better mobilization of the fetus. Today, HCG can be applied in multiple forms and all types can be used for hormonal and dieting purposes. Distribution is available in both prescription-strength and homeopathic, a diluted form that requires no prescription.

Homeopathic HCG Drops

This type of HCG entered the scene around 2007. As of 2011, it is one of the most popular types of HCGs used for diets, as it requires no prescription. HCG drops are manufactured and distributed in an amber bottle and are known for their easy-to-follow guidelines. An effective mixture of various compositions is sent to health centers and pharmaceutical shops. This pre-mixed product prevents confusion that can occur when following mixing instructions. It’s a good idea to order homeopathic HCG drops in bulk since shipping can be quite costly. However, the waiting period for shipment typically is under three to five days, much shorter than for other types of HCG products.

Sublingual Self-Mixed HCG Drops

Sublingual prescription-strength HCG drops are pain free and involve no injections. The sublingual mix is squirted under the tongue. It has the same absorption rate as the pre-mixed homeopathic drops, but drawbacks include higher costs — the highest of any HCG type, according to HCGWeightLoss.com — and the inconvenience of mix-it-yourself formulas. Because you have to mix it yourself, you need certain materials and instruments to effectively apply this HCG type. The syringe is applied orally, so dieters need a clean syringe and bacteria-free water to sterilize the syringe. This type of HCG also needs to be refrigerated, and like the homepathic drops, should be ordered in bulk ahead of time. Because the sublingual self-mixed drops often come from overseas, it can take as long as three to six weeks to get them delivered.

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HCG Self-Mixed Injections

This is the most frequently used type of prescription HCG used by dieters. In the 1950s when this type of HCG was first introduced, injections were delivered intramuscularly because this method is very effective in restoring HCG hormone levels inside the body. Due to its promising effects, it is the standard method in delivering HCG hormones for aspiring dieters. This HCG injection often requires refrigeration and is less expensive than sublingual methods. The mixing process for this injection requires the proper mixing materials, as well, so that the injection is performed effectively. Like the self-mixed sublingual HCG, the HCG mixed injections can take a couple of weeks or more to ship.

Prescription HCG Skin Creams and Pills

HCG skin creams are full strength, thus requiring a prescription. The creams typically are about the same price as the injections. Transdermal, or on the skin, HCG creams are fairly new to the market compared to other HCG types; therefore, this method is not as common as other forms. It spreads like hand cream, has no odor and is oil-free. This type of HCG typically is used by dieters. Prescription HCG pills are also available for around the same price.