Trigger Finger Syndrome

Trigger Finger is a condition that affects the fingers or thumb, causing the affected digit to lock in a bent position, although it may straighten out with a snapping sound and feeling.


Trigger finger is caused when inflammation, swelling or scarring occurs around the tendon that pulls the finger towards the palm of the hand. This creates an obstruction, causing the tendon to get stuck in a flexed position, resulting in a finger that is locked in a bent position.


Symptoms for trigger finger include the finger locking in place after bending it, as in a gripping motion. It can be painful. The finger can generally be “popped” back into a straight position.


Diagnosis generally requires a physical exam of the hands and fingers to determine the cause of the pain. The symptoms are generally a very effective indicator and aid greatly in a fast diagnosis.


If symptoms are relatively mild, icing the area, using anti-inflammatory drugs and stretching can reduce and eventually eliminate symptoms. A cortisone injection often provides immediate relief. If relief does not occur with conservative treatment, surgery is generally required.


Prognosis is extremely good. Conservative treatment resolves a vast majority of cases, and even after surgery, recurrence is extremely rare (3%).

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