Treat Varicose Veins With Herbal Remedies

A good way to treat Varicose Veins is with herbal remedies. Herbal remedies are the most natural way to help improve the appearance and symptoms of Varicose Veins. Below are some herbal remedies that have been proven beneficial in the treatment of Varicose Veins.


1. Take Horse Chestnut in supplemental form daily, or apply a topical form of it to the areas with Varicose Veins. Take around 300 mg, three times per day, for the best results. Horse Chestnut works great when you apply it in cream form to the areas affected with Varicose Veins.

2. Take Butcher’s Broom in supplemental form daily. Butcher’s Broom is one of the most popular natural treatments for Varicose Veins and is often used in over the counter medications for Varicose Veins.

3. Apply Witch Hazel to the areas affected with Varicose Veins. Witch Hazel is used in Germany for the natural treatment of Varicose Veins by herbalists and was approved by the German Commission that authorizes herbal treatments.

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