Treat Teething Pain With Frozen Face Cloths

Treat Teething Pain With Frozen Face Cloths

There’s nothing worse than an inconsolable baby with teething pain. A teething baby usually means that no one is getting a good night’s sleep. Some great home remedies, when paired together with some homeopathic or even traditional medicine, can get the baby feeling better fast. Here’s treat the baby’s teething pain with a frozen cloth applied to the face or directly to the gums.


1. Wet a clean cloth with distilled water, or the water you mix with your formula. Make sure it is fairly damp. A washcloth works best, but you can use any kind of small to medium size cloth. Just be sure it doesn’t unravel or it can become a choking hazard.

2. Place the wet cloth in a clean zipper bag and close it. You might want to take the time to wet several cloths and place them in zipper bags at the same time, just be sure to place each cloth in separate bags so you’re not prying them apart when you need to use them.

3. Put the zipper bags with the wet cloths in the freezer. Keep them away from raw meat or other items that could possibly contaminate the bag when you go to handle it and the cloth.

4. Pull out the frozen cloth. Let it thaw enough to not cause freezer burn on the baby’s delicate fingers and cheeks.

5. Set the baby in his high chair and let him suck on the cool cloth to ease his teething pain. Keep a careful eye on the process because he may start biting pieces off the cloth. You want to be ready to take it away if he starts to dine on it.

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