Treat Swollen Tonsils With Homeopathy

The tonsils are lymph nodes that dangle in the throat. They are the first line of defense when the body encounters toxins, bacteria, and viruses. Tonsils filter they invaders protecting the body from infection. When the tonsils fill, swelling occurs and they must be treated to shrink back to normal size.

Often children suffer from tonsillitis because they are in close contact with dirt, and young children especially who put nearly everything in their mouths. Homeopathic medicine can treat tonsillitis naturally. Homeopathic remedies are so gentle on the body that most can be used on infants as well as adults.


1. Document all symptoms that have appeared since the tonsil became swollen. Note things like fever, ulcers, or discharge on the tonsils, and throat color.

2. Select the homeopathic medicine that heals the symptoms that you are experiencing. Homeopathic medication can be purchased from a homeopathic professional or at a natural foods grocery store. Each medicine has a unique set of curing properties.

Calcarea phosphorica is effective in treating chronic inflammation in swollen tonsils that are pale and flabby. When the tonsils are hard and red, calcarea iodata and Baryta are suggested. There are as many as 16 other homeopathic medicines that relieve tonsil swelling. You will need to match your symptoms and tonsil condition to what the medication cures.

3. Place two to three tablets of the chosen homeopathic medication under the tongue and let them dissolve. Homeopathic medicine is most effective when released directly into the bloodstream, so it is important not to swallow the pills whole. This can be administered every 15 to 30 minutes initially, then two to three hours until the symptoms are reduced.

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4. Wait 24 hours. If your symptoms have not improved, review your symptoms and try a different homeopathic medication with indications that are similar to what you are suffering. Symptoms should improve within 24 hours and completely disappear in 32 to 72 hours.