Treat Stress & Anxiety

People deal with stress and anxiety daily, but it has the potential to turn into a serious problem if not take care of promptly. Even those who might not notice the stress or anxiety in their lives now can suffer dangerous health consequences like heart attack and stroke later on in life, if they don’t work to reduce the amount stress early on. Prescription medications will help temporarily, but a change in lifestyle is a more long-term solution.


1. Schedule seven to eight hours each night for sleep. A regular sleep schedule can refresh the body and mind, and help to wake up alert the next morning. It also helps individuals get up on time so they do not feel rushed when they wake (a cause of stress).

2. Schedule time each day to exercise. Whether it is lifting weights, running on a track or treadmill or any other physical activity, keeping up the blood flow helps to reduce the stress and anxiety.

3. Practice relaxation techniques each day. Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation or breathing exercises all clear the mind and reduce feelings of of stress and anxiety. Find a quiet location and spend 15 to 20 minutes each day relaxing or breathing to rid the body of negative energy and thoughts.

4. Create a financial budget to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety caused by money problems. By eliminating financial stress, individuals are more able to spend their money wisely and live within their budgets.

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