Treat Postpartum Depression Naturally

Treat Postpartum Depression Naturally

New mothers are the primary victims of postpartum depression, an illness caused by hormonal changes. A common medical treatment for this illness is the use of antidepressants. However, this is not always the best choice for the new mom, especially if she is nursing her child. There are natural alternatives that can help moms to deal with this illness effectively. Read on to learn more about treat postpartum depression naturally.


1. Sign up for behavioral therapy sessions. These sessions are designed to help you identify behaviors that act as triggers of postpartum depression. They may also help you to identify the situations that set off these behaviors, helping you to learn avoid such situations and control certain behaviors.

2. Learn the benefits of herbal remedies. Some herbs are said to be very effective when used to control the effects of depression. The most popular of these is St. John’s Wort, a plant with yellow flowers that is used to treat mental disorders.

3. Look into homeopathy, an alternative treatment that uses natural elements to treat illnesses. The homeopathic practitioner will introduce minute doses of certain natural elements into the system of the patient. This is said to encourage the body’s system to develop immunity to the causes of this illness naturally.

4. Get lots of rest and help. In certain cultures, the mother is required to rest for a period of up to two months after giving birth. The women in her family surround her, looking after the baby, listening to her concerns and taking care of any work that needs to be done.

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5. Try to exercise on a daily basis. Although it may be challenging to get motivated enough to do this, studies show that regular exercise helps to improve one’s state of mind naturally. In addition to other benefits, exercise releases a burst of feel-good chemicals in the brain, improves sleeping patterns and helps weight loss, adding to the patient’s overall appreciation of self.

6. Consult with your psychiatrist or psychologist. These medical professionals can suggest alternatives to antidepressants. They can help you choose the natural method of treatment that is right for you.