Treat Nausea With Home Remedies

Treat Nausea With Home Remedies

Pregnancy, chemotherapy treatments, a stomach bug and food poisoning are some conditions that can cause severe nausea. Your stomach also can rebel when you eat foods that don’t agree with you, see or smell of something unpleasant, or suffer from stress and other health conditions. You can treat most nausea at home with simple remedies.


1. Drink 1 to 2 tbs. of a non-carbonated syrup (like corn or sugar syrup) or a lukewarm, “flat” carbonated soda. These remedies aren’t recommended if you’re diabetic or watching your sugar intake.

2. Use ginger, one of the oldest remedies for nausea. Keep ginger ale, fresh ginger or ginger cookies on hand. Purchase ginger root capsules and take according to directions.

3. Settle your stomach by drinking warm liquids like broth or hot water with lemon before eating solid food. Nibble a few saltine crackers, and then add small quantities of bananas, apples, rice or toast.

4. Rub peppermint oil on your gums, or suck on a piece of peppermint candy. Make a tea from peppermint. Place the dried herbs in a tea ball or tea bag and seep in hot water for a few minutes. Spearmint and chamomile teas may help, too.

5. Experiment with scents that can calm your stomach and make you feel better, like peppermint oil or a freshly cut lemon.

6. Purchase sea-bands, which apply acupressure to the wrists to relieve nausea. If you don’t have sea-bands, to achieve a similar effect use your thumb to apply firm pressure to the inside of your wrists.

7. Prevent future nausea. Follow a diet that includes fruit, vegetables and fiber-rich foods. Don’t eat fried and processed foods. Find out what foods upset your stomach and stay away from them.