Treat Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity

Treat Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity

At least 80 percent of people with multiple sclerosis suffer from spasticity, a condition in which their muscles tighten uncontrollably. A doctor can treat spasticity with therapy, medication and surgery. At-home MS patients can find relief with massage, exercise and relaxation methods.


1. Do range of motion exercises. Move your arms and legs back and forth stretching them as far as you can from one side to the other. This helps keep muscles loosened up and prevent them from tightening to a point where you can’t use them.

2. Get a massage. If your doctor approves, massage therapy can help relieve some of the tightening of muscles.

3. Try some deep breathing to relieve stress. Stress may be the cause of some of your spasticity problems. Begin each day by sitting up in bed and taking a few deep breaths, holding them and releasing them.

4. Wear braces or splints recommended by your doctor. They help maintain your normal day-to-day activities.

5. Take medications that can help relieve spasticity. Your doctor may prescribe a muscle relaxant to help control involuntary spasms of your legs or other muscles in your body.

6. Consider surgery as an option to help alleviate your spasticity problem. Surgeons can remove some of the tendons that are contracting the muscles, or cutting part of the spinal nerve to relieve pain and muscle contractions.

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