Treat Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness is a troubling symptom that most pregnant women experience at some point. Usually beginning and ending during the first trimester of pregnancy, this condition can be difficult to treat. But, with a few simple strategies, you can manage morning sickness. Follow these tips for treating morning sickness during pregnancy.


1. Try fruit. One way to relieve nausea is by eating very juicy fruits like watermelon and pineapple. If you can’t stomach the thought of eating at the moment, try sucking on the juice of a lemon or orange.

2. Stick to small meals. When you feel like you are going to vomit, you may not be able to get more than a few bites down, but you need to keep your energy up. Having five to six small meals a day rather than three larger meals helps fight nausea and may be easier to tolerate.

3. Eat salty foods. Although you may be concerned about getting proper nutrition during pregnancy, when you are experiencing morning sickness, the most important thing is to keep food down. Try a few potato chips to settle your stomach.

4. Give ginger a try. This natural root is said to calm the stomach and ease nausea. Ginger is available in many forms, from its traditional root, which is found in the grocery store’s produce section, to flavored candy and lollipops made specifically for nausea. These can be found at many maternity stores.

5. Snack before getting out of bed. If morning sickness tends to hit most in the morning, try munching on a few crackers while still laying in bed. This light snack may help stave off nausea as you get ready for your day.

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