Treat Major Sinus Infections

There are multiple ways to successfully treat a major sinus infection. Sinus infection sufferers can try homeopathic remedies and seek help from their physician and specialists. Symptoms of sinus infections include tenderness in the face (possibly resonating around the eyes and in the teeth), halitosis, excessive mucus and green phlegm. Patients experiencing severe dizziness, extended fever and altered mood should seek medical attention immediately. If left untreated, major sinus infections can affect the brain.


Homeopathic Remedies

1. Begin treatment with homeopathic remedies: cover the face with a hot wash cloth, take a steamy shower, use a humidifier and a neti pot. A neti pot is a genie lamp-shaped ceramic pot with a handle used to irrigate and drain the sinuses.

2. Get a cranial massage. Cranial massages relax the inflamed areas around the head and neck.

3. Drink tea and eat soup. Warm, steamy beverages like tea are great for clearing out the sinuses.

Seek Traditional Treatments

4. See your doctor. Once a sinus infection gets intense enough to cause an absence from work or school, it’s time for a professional opinion.

5. Determine the cause(s) of the sinus infection. Sinus infections can come from prolonged colds, viral infections in the upper respiratory tract, dryness, dampness, exposure to allergens, changes in the weather and barometric pressure, the shape of a person’s sinuses or all of the above.

6. Consult with your doctor and take recommended medications. Your doctor can help you determine which over-the-counter drugs might work best for you. Consider antibiotics as well; they can work with varying effect as sinus infections can be viral or bacterial. Serious sinus infections usually begin with viral infection (associated with a common cold) that turns into a more serious bacterial infection.

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7. Treat the nose and ears. If your nose is stuffed and your ears are clogged, your doctor may prescribe drops for the nose and ears.

Seek Specialized Help

8. See an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor), also known as an otolaryngologist. Chronic sinus problems may affect hearing, vision, and the brain.

9. Take steroids and stronger antibiotics. An ENT may proscribe a fast-impact dose of steroids and antibiotics.

10. Get endoscopic sinus surgery. This surgery allows the ENT to clear debris from your sinuses and restructure problem areas.