Treat Macular Degeneration

Treat Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is a disorder affecting the macula, or inner lining of the eye. It usually affects the elderly and results in thinning, atrophy and occasionally bleeding of the macula. Macular Degeneration can cause impairment or loss of central vision, hindering a person’s ability to read, see fine details of objects or recognize faces.


1. Recognize the symptoms of macular degeneration. These can include blurred vision, shadows or parts of vision missing, distorted vision, difficulty recognizing and discerning colors, and difficulty regaining normal vision after being in bright light.

2. Consult a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment options such as laser therapy, the drugs Lucentis, Macugen and visudyne/PDT (Photodynamic Therapy.) Laser treatments seal or destroy leaky blood vessels. Clinical studies show that Lucentis greatly improves vision. Macugen is injected through the eye and utilizes a therapeutic molecule which attacks a protein which causes abnormal growth in the eye. Visudyne injections in the arm are activated by a non-thermal laser administered to the eye.

3. Undergo appropriate treatment.

4. Talk to a doctor about follow-up treatments and maintenance care.

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