Treat Kennel Cough From Home

Treat Kennel Cough From Home

Most cases of kennel cough do not require a trip to the vet. They are, however, aggravating for your dog and a bit annoying for you. To ease the pain for your pet, and to ensure that you’ll get a little sleep tonight, take the following tips to heart.


1. Pour all natural honey into a teaspoon and allow your dog to try it. If he’s reluctant, you can simply turn the spoon upside down and apply it gently to his tongue. He does not have to eat it all. This will help to coat his sore throat.

2. Give the honey one hour or more to coat the dog’s throat, then give him one teaspoon of children’s cough syrup. Do not over medicate. For more accurate dosage information on your dog’s specific weight, consult your vet.

3. Turn your shower on to “hot” and close the bathroom door. Allow the room to fill with steam for several minutes, and then take your dog into the bathroom and sit with him for 20 minutes to break up any phlegm. During this time, pound the dog’s back up and down very gently to help aid the process.

4. Dry the condensation off of your dog completely with a warm, fluffy towel. At this point, the medication will have kicked in, so place him on layers of soft blankets or a dog bed in a dark, quiet room.

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