Treat Infections With Natural Medicine

Treat Infections With Natural Medicine

Infection is caused when viruses or bacteria are present in body tissues and causes inflammation, fever, swelling and other symptoms. Often antibiotics, traditional treatment for infections, do more harm than good. Through natural treatment, you can help your body fight acute infections effectively and improve the immune response if you have low resistance to infections.


1. Use Aconitum napellus in pill or liquid form, a common holistic remedy used to treat infection. Aconitum napellus is most often used to treat infections accompanied by sudden onset of inflammation and fever, often occurring after exposure to heavy winds, severe cold or after a traumatic experience. With this type of infection, you may feel anxious, fearful and very thirsty.

2. Take belladonna for infection that is accompanied by throbbing pain, swelling, heat and redness. With this type of infection, your face may be hot and flushed while your hands and feet feel cold. This type of infection often causes thirst, discomfort worsened by movement and sensitivity to light.

3. Apply calendula ointment topically for cuts and skin eruptions to prevent and fight infection. Calendula capsules can also be taken for internal infections and boils.

4. Rub graphites cream onto the infected skin. Graphites are particularly helpful if you suffer from cracking skin that occurs with oozing discharge, herpes simplex, impetigo or skin infections around the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

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