Treat Hepatitis B Naturally

Artichokes are the most popular natural treatment for Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B virus infects the liver of humans and causes an inflammation called hepatitis. Some people arent able to treat hepatitis therefore is will become chronic. This article lists some natural treatments that are available for treating hepatitis B.


1. Use milk thistle. Thistle seed preparations are good for both the chronic and acute stages of hepatitis b, rapidly bringing an improvement in appetite and overall well-being. Thistle is also used in fatty degeneration of the liver. The seeds can be gathered and made into decoctions or they could be ground up and used safely as foods. Do not gather in areas where chemical sprays are used and always use gloves while gathering.

2. Consider using dandelion. This flower is a choleretic, diuretic and mild laxative. It increases appetite in hepatitis b patients and improves digestion. The dried roots of the flower can be roasted and substituted for coffee, but unroasted roots are more beneficial. Juices of the dandelion leaf and root can be taken in 5 ml doses, but taking it in decoction form will be extremely bitter.

3. Be aware that artichokes are one of the best natural treatments. This treatment is safe and reliable for all liver disturbances including hepatitis b. Artichoke helps lower cholesterol made in the liver and can help you control your weight. Artichoke can be made into a leaf decoction and taken either by itself or in combination with the two remedies mentions above.

4. Using liquorice root is another superb idea for naturally treating hepatitis. Using liquorice has been proven by other cultures to be 70% more effective than other supplements or drugs. Liquorice has a negative effect, it can cause hypertension in some people. The liquorice candies have little or no therapeutic value, since the percentage of liquorice is small and the sugar content is high. Pure liquorice root can be bought in bulk, the root has a distinct yellow color due to its flavor content. Liquorice should not be used over an extended period of time unless under medical supervision, because it can cause hypertension.

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